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Electronic and Printed Communications – Making Your Choice

Shareholders will receive annual reports and other documents electronically UNLESS they tell us they want to receive printed materials. As a shareholder, you may still choose to receive all communications from Shire in printed form.

Shire will communicate with its shareholders by publishing documents on its website, and where required, will write to shareholders to inform them of the availability of these documents on the company website.

Alternatively, shareholders can elect to receive electronic notification of company communications. Instead of a letter an email will be sent to the shareholders email address with a link to the documents on the Company website.

To do this you must register free at by following the online instructions.

The advantages of electronic communication are:

  • Receiving shareholder information speedily and efficiently
  • Reducing the demand on natural resources
  • Helping your Company reduce its costs

Making your choice. Shire's electronic communications capability is provided by its Registrar, through their internet-based service called Shareview which allows you to view details of your shareholding and also to indicate your preference.

To receive communications from Shire in electronic format please register here.

To continue to receive printed materials, all you have to do is to print out and complete a simple form and return it in the post to the address shown. This will ensure that you receive Shire’s information in the mail.

Shire will periodically write to you requesting that you renew this election for hard copy communications.

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